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Fidelis Cybersecurity is an American company founded in 2002 providing cybersecurity solutions. Fidelis is the leader in the field of automated detection and response. Fidelis Elevate platform significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of security departments. Combating the full spectrum of threats, data leakage and espionage is possible thanks to:


  • Full, comprehensive real-time and retrospective visibility (all protocols, ports, packets and sessions);
  • Full visibility across hybrid cloud / on-prem environments;
  • Automating threat and data leak detection;
  • Facilitating threat hunting;
  • Intelligent Deception (mechanism of decoys and breadcrumbs);
  • Automated response to threats in network and endpoint environments.


Fidelis Elevate covers the entire threat lifecycle — from intrusion to data exfiltration to theft / leak attempts. The solution flexibility means that Customers may decide to implement the entire Fidelis Elevate platform consisting of Fidelis Network ™, Fidelis Endpoint ™ and Fidelis Deception, or purchase individual modules depending on the needs.


Fidelis Network analyzes network traffic using patented Deep Session Inspection® technology. Fidelis Network sensors can protect all ports and protocols with special focus on sensors that prevent data loss by e-mail and web traffic. The entire network traffic is saved as metadata used during automatic analysis and for analyzes performed by administrator / security department. Metadata collected and stored by Fidelis Network contain details of every network transaction, including names, hashes and properties of each sent file.


Fidelis Endpoint combines the capabilities of EPP (Endpoint Protection Platforms) and EDR (Endpoint Detection & Response) in a single client available for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. The solution allows securing, monitoring and performing corrective / investigative activities in the event of detection of irregularities, e.g. host isolation, memory dump, analysis of processes, file quarantine or running playbooks.


Fidelis Deception significantly improves the response time to post-breach threats (e.g. attacks within the network or prohibited actions). Deception automatically detects and classifies all network assets (including enterprise IoT devices) showing all their network connections at the same time (how and with what they connect). With such information, Fidelis Deception is able to create decoys using so-called breadcrumbs,  thus tricking hackers by redirecting their actions to false assets. The protection is supplemented by an automatic process of adapting and updating decoy environment in case of any changes in network assets.


Fidelis was trusted by, among others, the United States Army, Global and Polish banks, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals.


Please get familiar with general descriptions below:

  • Fidelis Elevate
  • Fidelis Network
  • Fidelis Endpoint
  • Fidelis Deception
  • Fidelis Mail Sensor
  • Fidelis Automated Detection & Response

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